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NTL Internet Sign-up: NTL More of The Web For Less! NTL Download

ntl:home - UK Broadband: At ntl:home Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

NTL Internet Sign-up: NTL More of The Web For Less! NTL Download

There are no call charges with ntl:home Broadband Internet. All you pay is your set monthly charge. Unlike most other Broadband providers, ntl:home does not charge you for the cost of the cable modem. Downloading software is typically so slow with dial-up Internet, that what takes an hour to download with Internet dial-up takes less than 5 minutes with NTL 1Mb Broadband! NTL Broadband - faster, cheaper AND more reliable!
With NTL Broadband, you have a permanent broadband Internet connection - No need to dial-up - you're always connected and the service doesn't tie up your phoneline. Your low cost monthly subscription to NTL high-speed Internet connection also includes rental of your modem. NTL Broadband is great for one user or multiple users - your very own personal email account, free Web-space to create your own web-site … and lots more! All at NTL.

High Speed Broadband Internet Access: NTL Broadband Internet For a Fast Web! NTL Home …

Besides NTL Broadband, NTL offers two great value NTL Dial-up services:
  • UnlimitedPrice ] - You can use the Internet any time, for as long as you want with the peace of mind that you won't pay any additional charges, and
  • Pay as you go - just 1p per minute - you can use the Internet any time, knowing you manage how much you spend.

  • NTL Internet Sign-up: NTL More of The Web For Less! NTL Download

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